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Hello world!

Here we are with the issue 6 of Balcans Urban Arts and Culture magazine!

We are pleased to present an amazing issue again after a short break. In this issue we have prepared a full and enjoyable magazine. Here we are continuing to publish the new issue of our magazine with all of our determination and passion. We have broadened our perspective a bit more and we are making some minor changes in our magazine, like having an interview with artists who are not only Balkan countries but also from other countries.

Our first special guest is Hope from Serbia, who is an active as a graffiti writer since the beginning of graffiti in Serbia and in doing many legal walls, street bombings, trains etc. since 1998. Hope, who has been known with his unique bombing style he painted on buses and trams, painted walls and trains in a lot of places aside from his country and in the recent years he has been participating in many exhibitions.

Another guest is Turbo from İstanbul, Turkey! He is the first name to come up in the minds when we mention Graffiti or any other aspects of Hiphop in Turkey. Turbo, who continues to work as a graffiti writer for years with the same passion, opened lots of domestic and foreign exhibitions in the recent years. He also is one of the founding member of the first and most active graffiti crews of Turkey namely S2K (Shot 2 Kill) crew. Turbo who is a pioneer for Turkish graffiti writers, he is known by his unique graffiti style, illustrations and his robot and cartoon drawings and he has painted in lots of places including Europe and still continues to do so.

And now, our very special guest for the first time from a country other than Balkans, from Copenhagen, Denmark: Great Bates! Not only he is one of the first graffiti writers in Europe with names such as Loomit, Mode2, Won, Amok and Bando, he has also his own master style and countless walls. He is an example to many younger graffiti writers and giving them lots of inspiration. He also never revealed his face until now at any photos, which makes him an enigmatic name in graffiti.

Peace, respect and much love to all! And support your locals!

Balcans team

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